InComm Announces 5th Anniversary of Launch of OTC Network

July 13, 2015

ATLANTA, GA - InComm, a leading provider of integrated point-of-sale (POS) technology solutions to retailers announced today the 5th anniversary of the OTC network. The OTC Network was launched by Medagate in January 2010 as a point-of-sale platform for Medicare OTC benefits. In 2012, InComm acquired Medagate and formed InComm Healthcare, which has become a multidimensional, intelligent payment solution for health plans, retailers and affinity organizations, with more than 38 million live cards in the market today.

"We began as a point-of-sale mechanism for Medicare beneficiaries to access their OTC benefits, which has evolved into an incentive & loyalty platform for health plans, retailers and affinity organizations," said David Vielehr, VP and General Manager of InComm Healthcare. "Our relationship with organizations like AARP, CVS, MasterCard and Humana reflect the depth of our new offerings. The retail programs we launch in 2015 will bring our organization to a new level."

Recent highlights of the branded benefit, member-engaging platform include:

  • Cashtie Premium Payment Program, for point-of-sale payment of health care premiums (launched with CVS and Humana)
  • New AARP membership card and rewards platform with Crossmark, bringing enhanced retail reward offerings to members of AARP
  • Development of the Dual Value Health Card with MasterCard®, combining defined-spend and general-spend on one card
  • Health Transportation Program, delivering discounts to members for transportation to their medical appointments
  • State Medicaid initiatives, rewarding healthy purchases for members, in partnership with Finity
  • Launched offerings for Fully-Integrated Dual Advantage (FIDA) plans
  • Partnerships with greater than half of the state programs in the US; 2015 additions include New Mexico, Hawaii, Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

About InComm Healthcare

InComm Healthcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of InComm Holdings, Inc., created in 2012 through InComm's acquisition of Medagate. The acquisition included Medagate's point-of-sale and defined-spend payments capabilities, the Enhanced Payment Platform and the OTC Network. Combining InComm's distribution and redemption network with Medagate's point-of-sale benefit and reward platform created a powerful new offering: InComm Healthcare.

About InComm

Leveraging deep integrations into retailers' point-of-sale systems, InComm provides connectivity to a variety of service providers that allow consumers to conduct everyday business at more than 500,000 points of retail distribution worldwide. Whether those consumers are activating prepaid products, paying bills, enjoying real-time discounts through a membership card, purchasing digital goods in-store or adding funds to an online account, InComm is there to provide unique gift-gifting opportunities, cater to on-the-go shoppers, deliver added value through loyalty programs and serve cash-based consumers. With 206 global patents, InComm is headquartered in Atlanta with a presence in over 30 countries in North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Learn more at www.incomm.com or connect with us on www.twitter.com/incomm, www.facebook.com/incomm, www.linkedin.com/company/incomm or www.incomm.com/blog.

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