Facing considerable competitive pressures and rising costs in healthcare expenses, more health plans are looking for innovative ways to deliver their supplemental benefit and incentive programs. InComm Healthcare has a suite of prepaid card solutions tailored to incentivize healthy and preventative behaviors.

OTC Supplemental Benefit Card

By giving Medicare-Advantage members easier access to their benefit dollars to purchase OTC products, our OTC Supplemental Benefit Card is a simple way for health plans to manage spending and maintain a healthy membership base.

The OTC Supplemental Benefit Card also:

  • Restricts member spending to CMS-approved products only like vitamins, diabetes care items, allergy/cold and flu medications.
  • Encourages members to take control of their wellness with the ability to purchase items at their local retailers.
  • Brings greater value to benefit offering, making your plan more competitive.
  • Improve STAR© ratings by delivering benefits that help shape your members' purchasing decisions.

Learn how the OTC Supplemental Benefit Card helped transform a health plan in our most recent case study.

OTC Network members can log in to their account at www.OTCNetwork.com

Directed-Spend Incentive & Rewards Card

Encourage your members to make healthier choices and build a customized member program around health and preventative behaviors with our Directed-Spend Incentive & Rewards Card. The reloadable prepaid card can only be used to purchase health and wellness items at retailers.

The Directed-Spend Incentive & Rewards Card can:

  • Provide members with reward dollars that can be used to purchase a wide range of health and wellness items.
  • Deliver targeted rewards to build your member health goals while retaining all unused incentive dollars.
  • Improve HEDIS© scores by delivering benefits and rewards that help shape your members' purchasing decisions.

First Years Wellness Card™

Provide new parents with funds and discounts for the exclusive purchase of essential everyday items they need to keep their babies healthy and happy with the new First Years Wellness Card.

The First Years Wellness Card can:

  • Provide new parents with incentive dollars that can only be used to purchase items from a catalog of products tailored to infant care.
  • Eligible items include child specific over-the-counter medications, health and wellness products ranging from baby food and formula to thermometers, diapers, strollers, car seats and more.
  • Deliver an innovative member incentive program that helps set the path for a lifetime of good health while retaining all unused incentive dollars.

Swipe&Save Discounts Program

Offer your members discounts on select everyday items by the swipe of their plan-sponsored OTC Supplemental Benefit or Directed-Spend Incentive & Rewards Card.

The Swipe&Save Discount Program also:

  • Encourages long-term wellness behaviors through short-term price breaks on health-oriented items.
  • Offers include: price discounts, free product, BOGO.
  • Easy to access microsite with all current offers. Click here to view available discounts.
  • Can be used as a standalone or added to any card program.

VanillaDirect® Pay™

A simple, flexible, no-cost payment solution that enables members to pay their premiums with cash where they shop.

The VanillaDirect Pay can:

  • Allow members to make payments in cash, at no-cost.
  • Eliminate members' need for money orders, stamps or postage fees.
  • Send paper and/or digital (mobile device or website) statement with encoded barcode.
  • Receive your payment instantly.
  • Give your health plan a point of difference and sharpen competitive edge with innovative payment option.
  • Available at CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar and Speedway.